Importance of Entrance Mats in the EntranceWays/Doorways of Businesses

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are appreciating the importance of being sensitive and responsive to their office environment. Comfortability and safety of an office space is indispensable. There are many products and services that ensure business safety and comfortability. One of such products is a mat. Mats are a great factor in ensuring a safe, clean, and functional business. In particular, entrance mats are important for the overall reputation and functioning of a company.

Importance of Entrance Mats in the Entranceways/Doorway of Businesses

Entrance mats are important for several reasons. First, entrance mats are a significant component of your building maintenance program and reduces cleaning costs. This is because it captures dirt and liquids as people enter the building. Moreover, it prevents dirt from getting tracked into the entranceway as well as stopping moisture. In addition, there are environmental friendly entrance mats that prevent unwanted water from entering your premises. Similarly, choosing the correct entrance mat will help in protecting and prolonging your flooring. Second, entrance mats help reduce slips and falls. This is because the entrance mats will ensure that the office floor remains safe and dry. Consequently, it provides a safe surface where the company’s staff as well as clients can walk on. Slips and falls can lead to serious injury and in some cases death. Third, entrance mats are important for aesthetic purposes. Any company would want to have an elegant look and an outstanding decor.

This leaves a lasting impact on the visitors. Fourth, the entrance mats reduce the risk of accident compensation claims. Lawsuits can affect the general health and productivity of a business. This is because lawsuits can be expensive and time consuming. In some cases, lawsuits cause irreparable damage to a company. If a business can avoid lawsuits, the resources used in litigation can be diverted to other business activities such as opening of new branches or employees’ compensation. Lastly, a customer branded entrance mat is important as it maintains a consistent and professional image. In particular, personalised logo mats give a good first impression. Customising and promoting your business brand starts at the front door. Personalised logo mats welcomes the visitors with a professional touch. Consequently, it can help in establishing and maintaining a client base. It should be noted that some clients access a company through features such as the website and the setting of the office.

With so many mat products and services available in the market, choosing the right entrance mat can be a daunting task. Factors to consider when buying an entrance mat include material of the mat, foot traffic of your floor, cost, and individual business needs. In addition, an online search on various mat companies is paramount. In this regard, perusing the reviews that are available on online platforms can help you make an informed decision. Furthermore, visiting the companies dealing with mats can help you make a comprehensive comparison of the various entrance mat offers. Overall, entrance mats are important as they give the office a good first impression, help reduce slips and falls, and reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.

Safety at work

This blog aims to discuss topical health and safety aspects in the workplace. Many employees are disgruntled because they are not happy with the health and safety regulations which are currently in place in their place of work.

Depending on the work environment, different safety risk factors may be more apparent at different levels. Some affecting the employee and some affecting the customer.

Below, is a series of posts which will discuss common places where safety can be at risk and how they can easily be overcome.

Lets start off wit how entrance mats can save the industry over £500m every year.

To talk about the safety issues in today's working environment